Steve Nash Sports Club

The Steve Nash Sports Club is a chain of 22 sports and fitness centers located in British Columbia, Canada. The latest addition to their centers is the Richmond Fitness World, even though the number of their facilities is still growing. With its 22 centers and over 800 group training classes, the Steve Nash Sports Club is the biggest fitness provider in British Columbia. The club’s facilities feature professional group fitness classes and more amenities.


Steve Nash Sports Club


All the conventional cardio and strength equipment are available to ensure one achieves their fitness objectives. The up-to-date and always improving group fitness classes, combined with great fitness equipment choices, makes getting in shape even more fun and enjoyable. In case there is ever an issue with the equipment, an approved personal trainer or service team member is always available around the clock to assist.

The Steve Nash Sports Club adheres to sensible gym etiquette and encourages its members and staff to also abide by the rules. Some things are limited or not allowed, such as foul language, inappropriate behavior, dropping weights or equipment on the floor, writing on the workout floor, inappropriate clothing, and selfishness when using the equipment. Without these uncouth behaviors, workout sessions are always more harmonious, peaceful, and fun. At the same time, it ensures that people derive the maximum value from the limited time they put aside for fitness.


Steve At The Fitness Club


The club offers a variety of membership options to enable one to achieve their fitness goals. To become a member, you can join online through their website or visit any of their facilities where membership representatives will take you through the tour. Memberships are categorized into silver, gold and platinum, after which you can opt for paying the full amount right away or pay bi weekly, which is done using Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs).

Apart from the silver membership, which excludes some specialty classes, both gold and platinum include all the classes. The club can accommodate members as young as 12 years old in certain suburban facilities, even though that would require a legal guardian or parent for them to co-sign for membership. The club offers a 7 day trial for prospective members and also offers add on rates for students, families and corporate members.


Nash Fitness Club


The benefits of being a member of the Steve Nash Sports Club includes access to certified personal trainers, outstanding group fitness classes, lockers, showers, and change rooms, as well as other great amenities. It is British Columbia’s largest fitness provider and therefore you can achieve your fitness objectives across multiple facilities in the lower mainland and also Vancouver Island.


Steve Nash Sports Club Royal


There are customized training programs at the club to get better results for clients. This include Nashfit, which was designed for the elite and fitness minded clients. Nashfit delivers a cost friendly, scientifically based health, performance and fitness training and education. The Nash Daily Training (NDT), which is designed to take your training to the next level, is a futuristic small group personal training program that helps you live your life above the rim. Finally, there are group training programs where members can work out together to reach a common goal.

The Steve Nash Sports Club is dedicated to curating the most effective fitness programs, irrespective of your goals. This ensures that you get the most value for your time and resources whenever you visit the facilities, but you will never really get to experience it until you give it a try!