Steve Nash Foundation – Helping Kids At Home And Abroad

The Steve Nash Foundation is an organization that is founded on a simple but powerful truth. That truth centers on the fact that children are fundamentally affected by the environment in which they live. A child who experiences neglect and various forms of abuse undergoes a drastic change that diminishes what he or she could ultimately be. On the flip side, a child who is raised in a loving, nurtured environment where food and health needs are not a concern, are more likely to prosper and thrive.


Steve Nash Foundation


Science has proven these facts to be true. It is the belief of the Steve Nash Foundation that vibrant, healthy children translates into vibrant, healthy communities. As such, the purpose and goal of organization is to foster environments that children can thrive in all around the world. Based in British Columbia, the foundation actively allocates resources to local populations of children who are at risk and lack basic necessities. Trying to foster positive environments for vulnerable kids is a daunting task. It is a goal that can only be accomplished one step at a time.


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The fact is that no one organization, on its own, can hope to complete such an undertaking. For this reason, the Steve Nash Foundation partners with organizations all around the world to achieve these goals together. The Foundation is able to work in conjunction with these organizations, addressing the needs of kids who face neglect, abuse and other health related issues. With monetary aid and technical insight, the Foundation empowers local organizations to improve the environment for the children in their communities. Duplicating this approach is the means by which the Foundation can assist in aiding and bettering the lives of more and more children.


Programs Designed To Improve The Lives Of Children

The Foundation has established a number of programs designed to further its goals. The first of these is BC Grants. Steve Nash is a native of British Columbia and, as such, he has a vital interest to use the power of his foundation to better the lives of children from his local community. BC Grants are dispersed each year to non profit organizations with mandates that focus on directly helping at need children with education and health services.


Nash With Kids


Support Hope is a program that the Steve Nash Foundation established to give aid to the country of Paraguay. Paraguay has an infant mortality rate that is frighteningly high. There are two healthcare facilities in the country which try meet the needs of the citizenry and decrease the mortality rate, but they are drastically ill equipped to address this challenge. The Support Hope program was designed to increase training and provide higher quality healthcare equipment with the goal to improve healthcare outcomes.

Another program that the Steve Nash Foundation has championed is Reach. It is a program designed to help kids actively increase and take charge of their own health. Kids are exposed in a fun and interactive way to the scientific reasoning of how movement, psychology, fitness and lifestyle can lead to better health. The Reach program is presented to kids at an age that allows the benefits to take hold and last a lifetime.