Kayaking After Some B-Ball

Recreational activities are very important in many people’s lives, and it’s the same with me and my two brothers. We play video games and spend lots of time playing basketball with friends. I don’t joke around with having fun, but it’s also exercise too. I engage in various sporting activities to keep my energy level in check. I love all sports, but basketball is the most important one, and I play almost every day with my friends. It’s a fun sport and easy to learn. We play for long hours, especially after work or in the early morning before work.


BBall Court


The other day, my friends were away on vacations and my brothers were at work. I was all alone at home with no one to talk to or play basketball with, so I took my ball out to the court anyway. I started playing all by myself. Some kids came to play too. I couldn’t join them or invite them to join me because I felt they are too little or young to play with me. I waited to see if any adult could come and I started shooting the ball from different points. Then the kids left after a short while. I sat at the court and about an hour later, my brothers came by. I was happy they were there and we played for about two hours and left to go home.

When we were supposed to play a real game later on, I was feeling sick at home and had invited my girlfriend over. Although I had taken enough medication and I was feeling better, my brother left for the court to play, but my girlfriend convinced me to stay. But then we talked a little and I headed out to meet my brothers. She had advised against me going out, due to my ill health, but I told her that I wouldn’t be playing. I ended up playing that day, anyway. I just can’t stay away!


Basketball Court


A couple weeks after that, we had to go to a family reunion in Washington DC. We took our basketballs, kayaking equipment, food and drinks. My two friends were with us, my girlfriend, my two brothers and our parents. When we got there, we had a barbeque and went to the campground and played basketball on the court around there. I had a sprain but it wasn’t so serious. After that, we went kayaking on the lake, which was such a relief after a beautiful game of basketball.


Kayaking On The Lake


The wind felt so great after we had sweat so much playing ball. The Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS sit on kayak was light to carry and I put some snacks in the storage hatch, as well as my phone and other stuff. I think the next thing I will get into is kayaking, but it still won’t beat basketball. When it was getting dark, we headed back and built a nice bonfire near the house. We kept telling old family stories until 3 in the morning. That was pretty nice to reminisce.