Recreational activities are very important in many people’s lives, and it’s the same with me and my two brothers. We play video games and spend lots of time playing basketball with friends. I don’t joke around with having fun, but it’s also exercise too. I engage in various sporting activities to keep my energy level in check. I love all sports, but basketball is the most important one, and I play almost every day with my friends. It’s a fun sport and easy to learn. We play for long hours, especially after work or in the early morning before work.


BBall Court


The other day, my friends were away on vacations and my brothers were at work. I was all alone at home with no one to talk to or play basketball with, so I took my ball out to the court anyway. I started playing all by myself. Some kids came to play too. I couldn’t join them or invite them to join me because I felt they are too little or young to play with me. I waited to see if any adult could come and I started shooting the ball from different points. Then the kids left after a short while. I sat at the court and about an hour later, my brothers came by. I was happy they were there and we played for about two hours and left to go home.

When we were supposed to play a real game later on, I was feeling sick at home and had invited my girlfriend over. Although I had taken enough medication and I was feeling better, my brother left for the court to play, but my girlfriend convinced me to stay. But then we talked a little and I headed out to meet my brothers. She had advised against me going out, due to my ill health, but I told her that I wouldn’t be playing. I ended up playing that day, anyway. I just can’t stay away!


Basketball Court


A couple weeks after that, we had to go to a family reunion in Washington DC. We took our basketballs, kayaking equipment, food and drinks. My two friends were with us, my girlfriend, my two brothers and our parents. When we got there, we had a barbeque and went to the campground and played basketball on the court around there. I had a sprain but it wasn’t so serious. After that, we went kayaking on the lake, which was such a relief after a beautiful game of basketball.


Kayaking On The Lake


The wind felt so great after we had sweat so much playing ball. The Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS sit on kayak was light to carry and I put some snacks in the storage hatch, as well as my phone and other stuff. I think the next thing I will get into is kayaking, but it still won’t beat basketball. When it was getting dark, we headed back and built a nice bonfire near the house. We kept telling old family stories until 3 in the morning. That was pretty nice to reminisce.

Here is Steve showing us what he does to practice, doing a 20 minute workout. It would be fun to shoot hoops like this and it might not even feel like exercise, so it’s a good strategy, in that sense.

The Steve Nash Sports Club is a chain of 22 sports and fitness centers located in British Columbia, Canada. The latest addition to their centers is the Richmond Fitness World, even though the number of their facilities is still growing. With its 22 centers and over 800 group training classes, the Steve Nash Sports Club is the biggest fitness provider in British Columbia. The club’s facilities feature professional group fitness classes and more amenities.


Steve Nash Sports Club


All the conventional cardio and strength equipment are available to ensure one achieves their fitness objectives. The up-to-date and always improving group fitness classes, combined with great fitness equipment choices, makes getting in shape even more fun and enjoyable. In case there is ever an issue with the equipment, an approved personal trainer or service team member is always available around the clock to assist.

The Steve Nash Sports Club adheres to sensible gym etiquette and encourages its members and staff to also abide by the rules. Some things are limited or not allowed, such as foul language, inappropriate behavior, dropping weights or equipment on the floor, writing on the workout floor, inappropriate clothing, and selfishness when using the equipment. Without these uncouth behaviors, workout sessions are always more harmonious, peaceful, and fun. At the same time, it ensures that people derive the maximum value from the limited time they put aside for fitness.


Steve At The Fitness Club


The club offers a variety of membership options to enable one to achieve their fitness goals. To become a member, you can join online through their website or visit any of their facilities where membership representatives will take you through the tour. Memberships are categorized into silver, gold and platinum, after which you can opt for paying the full amount right away or pay bi weekly, which is done using Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs).

Apart from the silver membership, which excludes some specialty classes, both gold and platinum include all the classes. The club can accommodate members as young as 12 years old in certain suburban facilities, even though that would require a legal guardian or parent for them to co-sign for membership. The club offers a 7 day trial for prospective members and also offers add on rates for students, families and corporate members.


Nash Fitness Club


The benefits of being a member of the Steve Nash Sports Club includes access to certified personal trainers, outstanding group fitness classes, lockers, showers, and change rooms, as well as other great amenities. It is British Columbia’s largest fitness provider and therefore you can achieve your fitness objectives across multiple facilities in the lower mainland and also Vancouver Island.


Steve Nash Sports Club Royal


There are customized training programs at the club to get better results for clients. This include Nashfit, which was designed for the elite and fitness minded clients. Nashfit delivers a cost friendly, scientifically based health, performance and fitness training and education. The Nash Daily Training (NDT), which is designed to take your training to the next level, is a futuristic small group personal training program that helps you live your life above the rim. Finally, there are group training programs where members can work out together to reach a common goal.

The Steve Nash Sports Club is dedicated to curating the most effective fitness programs, irrespective of your goals. This ensures that you get the most value for your time and resources whenever you visit the facilities, but you will never really get to experience it until you give it a try!

The Steve Nash Foundation is an organization that is founded on a simple but powerful truth. That truth centers on the fact that children are fundamentally affected by the environment in which they live. A child who experiences neglect and various forms of abuse undergoes a drastic change that diminishes what he or she could ultimately be. On the flip side, a child who is raised in a loving, nurtured environment where food and health needs are not a concern, are more likely to prosper and thrive.


Steve Nash Foundation


Science has proven these facts to be true. It is the belief of the Steve Nash Foundation that vibrant, healthy children translates into vibrant, healthy communities. As such, the purpose and goal of organization is to foster environments that children can thrive in all around the world. Based in British Columbia, the foundation actively allocates resources to local populations of children who are at risk and lack basic necessities. Trying to foster positive environments for vulnerable kids is a daunting task. It is a goal that can only be accomplished one step at a time.


Steve Nash Autograph


The fact is that no one organization, on its own, can hope to complete such an undertaking. For this reason, the Steve Nash Foundation partners with organizations all around the world to achieve these goals together. The Foundation is able to work in conjunction with these organizations, addressing the needs of kids who face neglect, abuse and other health related issues. With monetary aid and technical insight, the Foundation empowers local organizations to improve the environment for the children in their communities. Duplicating this approach is the means by which the Foundation can assist in aiding and bettering the lives of more and more children.


Programs Designed To Improve The Lives Of Children

The Foundation has established a number of programs designed to further its goals. The first of these is BC Grants. Steve Nash is a native of British Columbia and, as such, he has a vital interest to use the power of his foundation to better the lives of children from his local community. BC Grants are dispersed each year to non profit organizations with mandates that focus on directly helping at need children with education and health services.


Nash With Kids


Support Hope is a program that the Steve Nash Foundation established to give aid to the country of Paraguay. Paraguay has an infant mortality rate that is frighteningly high. There are two healthcare facilities in the country which try meet the needs of the citizenry and decrease the mortality rate, but they are drastically ill equipped to address this challenge. The Support Hope program was designed to increase training and provide higher quality healthcare equipment with the goal to improve healthcare outcomes.

Another program that the Steve Nash Foundation has championed is Reach. It is a program designed to help kids actively increase and take charge of their own health. Kids are exposed in a fun and interactive way to the scientific reasoning of how movement, psychology, fitness and lifestyle can lead to better health. The Reach program is presented to kids at an age that allows the benefits to take hold and last a lifetime.

Here’s a quick look at a Steve Nash gym, which we’ll be putting up an article on shortly.

Steve Nash is a Canadian basketball player who retired from the Lakers in 2015, due to health concerns. He went on to be a consultant for the Golden State Warriors after turning down the Dallas Mavericks to play one last season with them. He was an NBA All-Star 8 times and an All-NBA selection 7 times, as well as earning the title of NBA Most Valuable Player, twice, when he played for the Phoenix Suns. He played with the Suns for 2 years, the Mavericks for 6 years, then went back to the Suns for 8 years, then finally to the Los Angeles Lakers for his final 3 years.


Nash was born in South Africa, but his family moved to Canada when he was less than 2 years old. He played basketball in high school while in British Columbia, followed by playing in college for the Santa Clara University’s team, the Broncos. He played for 4 seasons, with the team making 3 NCAA Tournaments appearances, and was the WCC (West Coast Conference) Player of the Year, twice. He graduated and was acquired as the 15th NBA draft pick with the Suns in 1996.

early Nash career

Steve’s father was a professional soccer player, and as a result, he played soccer with his brother until he started playing basketball at 12-13 years old. He mentioned to his mother, in 8th grade, that he would someday be an NBA star. During his final year in high school, he was named Player of the Year. He is now considered as having been one of the best shooters of all time in the NBA.

In his national team career, Nash helped Canada get a silver medal in the 1999 Tournament of the Americas, leading the team to be qualified for the Olympics after 12 years. He was named MVP in that tournament and went on to captain Canada in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. He also captained Canada during the FIBA Americas Olympic Qualifying Tournament to qualify for the 2004 Summer Olympics, and although they didn’t succeed, he was yet again named MVP.

canadian Nash

Steve Nash had been plagued by back problems later in his career while playing for the Lakers. He fractured his left leg after colliding with a player on the opposite team, as well as suffering a hip injury that caused permanent nerve problems. He couldn’t play his very last season before retirement due to continuing back problems. He has spondylolisthesis, a medical condition that causes back pain and muscle stiffness.

Nash is now married with three kids from a previous marriage. He formed a charity in 2001 called the Steve Nash Foundation that provides services for children living in poverty and other bad situations. He’s also the sponsor of the Steve Nash Youth Basketball League in Canada that supports 10,000 participants, and is involved in various other charities.

retired bb player

Steve also opened a fitness facility with a business partner in Vancouver in 2007, and has many other business ventures he’s active in. In 2010, he became the first NBA player to carry the torch for the Olympics, in the Winter Olympics.

Steve has many awards and accomplishments, and you can see them all HERE.